*SCAPEmedia is a new programming initiative undertaken by *SCAPE in 2015.

*SCAPEmedia aims to be a holistic media hub in Singapore that connects aspiring youth with the media industry. By engaging youth through various media programming efforts, *SCAPEmedia serves as a community platform for budding youth talents who have a passion and commitment in honing their craft – by enriching them with content, developing their skills and linking them with media partners and stakeholders. Some areas of interest include filmmaking, photography and videography.

Apart from the above, *SCAPEmedia also provides young media professionals with co-working spaces, networking opportunities and talent needs matching.



2015 marks the inaugural National Youth Film Awards (NYFA) at *SCAPE.

NYFA aims to establish a benchmark in national excellence and talent identification between the film industry and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) offering film-related and animation courses.

Judicated by well-known names in the media industry, films by students of the nominated schools will be showcased to the public and judges to view and vote. Various awards will be presented to the winners on the Award Night, some of which include Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, Best Documentary, and Best Animated Film. Seminars and workshops will be held for the youths who are interested in the film industry and want to expand their knowledge about filmmaking.

Go to www.scape.sg/nyfa for more information. For more details on this event, check it out at *SCAPERS.



SPOTLIGHT is, and as the name suggests, a programme where a particular media work or subject takes centre stage. Each edition is uniquely presented, and offers a myriad of interests that varies from short film showcases to exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks into feature films. The programme also features sharing sessions by the creators on their inspiration and experiences.

For more details on this event, check it out at *SCAPERS.



INSIGHT is a series of talks conducted by prominent media professionals and organisations, where they share their views and experiences on the media industry. These talks are great knowledge transfer opportunities, allowing aspiring media professionals and serious amateurs to learn from the experiences of established names, as well as to keep abreast on topics such as current media trends, industry standards and best practices.

For more details on this event, check it out at *SCAPERS.



SKILL is a series of progressive workshops catered to different levels of media interests. Conducted by specially-invited trainers from various media fields, these workshops provide youth with practical hands-on opportunities to hone their skills and build their portfolios.

For more details on this event, check it out at *SCAPERS.



SCREEN is a series of film screenings that features internationally acclaimed works. The films shown are curated thematically and appeals to both casual film hobbyists and serious amateurs. Join us and meet fellow film enthusiasts over evenings of film appreciation and discourse.

For more details on this event, check it out at *SCAPERS.



EXCHANGE is a quarterly networking session between *SCAPEmedia and its stakeholders, which include media organisations, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), and media professionals. These sessions allow *SCAPEmedia to engage its stakeholders in various collaborative partnerships, programme offerings and apprenticeship opportunities for its youth media community.

For more details on this event, check it out at *SCAPERS.