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NYFA 2020 Youth Inspiration Award


Huang Junxiang, a law-student turned filmmaker, is presented this inaugural award in recognition for his work in film and his contributions as a role model towards growing the next generation of filmmakers. He has been an inspiration to many young filmmakers and provided them with invaluable industry advice in their creative journey.

Despite facing his own fair share of rejection early in his career as an aspiring filmmaker without a film school background, Junxiang strongly believes in helping to groom talents for the local film industry. Today, he plays an active role in encouraging storytellers from non-film background to pursue their passions.

His short film, Give Yourself A Chance, won awards at the 2012 Very Short International Festival, whereas his second, I Will Die, was screened at the 2014 Singapore International Film Festival. Most recently, Piece of Meat, co-directed with Jerrold Chong, enjoyed its premiere at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes and subsequently travelled to Annecy and Busan.

As a producer with Zhao Wei Films, JX has produced a number of feature films including In The Room (Toronto 2016), Apprentice (Un Certain Regard 2016), Ramen Teh (Berlin Culinary Cinema 2018) and Buffalo Boys (Fantasia Film Festival 2018). He has also served as producer for both HBO Asia anthology series Folklore (2018) and Food Love (2019).


When I recall my journey as a filmmaker, I remember the guidance that I have received along the way from my mentors. They have been generous teachers, providing me the skillsets to forge a career in film. I sincerely hope to live up to their examples when working with other filmmakers in our growing community. So far, it has brought me great joy watching my younger collaborators grow and mature as a filmmakers as they forge new friendships and grow confident in their voices. 

Personally, I find it to be a journey best enjoyed with friends. The National Youth Film Awards thus represents a brilliant community for filmmakers to cross pollinate ideas, share perspectives and to make new friends as a common first part of call reap rich philosophical dividends and pragmatic outcomes. It may also be the birthplace of your next short film. I hope the National Youth Film Awards continues to attract the best local talent to submit their short films and I encourage participants, past and present to return to contribute.

Through the medium of films, we possess the power to speak up and to speak out. Make your next short daringly quiet, or emphatically loud. Try out the craziest camera techniques with the shittiest of rigs, or commit the greatest efforts to unearth fresh empathies. In an era where the voices of the young are empowered more than ever before, the only regret is having never tried. It is, after all, only regretful who believe in the passé adage – that youth is wasted on the young.

NYFA Youth Inspiration Award 2020

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