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1. Who can participate in this programme?

The director of the FFP film must be a NYFA nominee or winner and should fulfill the following:

(a) 15-35 years old (before 31 Dec 2023)

(b) Singaporean or PR

(c) Be a NYFA nominee or winner from at least one of these past categories:

  • Best Live Action
  • Best Director
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Editing
  • Best Art Direction 
  • Best Animation
  • Best Documentary 
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Original Music
  • Best Performance
  • Most Promising
  • Special Mention

*Above the line crew (Producer, Director, Screenwriter, DOP) *excluding cast, should

fulfil the following:

(a) 15-35 years old (before 31 Dec 2023)

(b) Singaporean or PR

2. Does a NYFA nominee / winner need to be from the director category to be eligible for FFP?

No, as long as the person is a past NYFA nominee / winner, they do not have to be from the director category.

E.g. A past nominee for sound design may participate in FFP and submit a pitch as a director. 

3. Is there a limit to the number of submissions I can make?

Each NYFA nominee / winner can submit up to 2 submissions.
E.g. 2 different submissions to 1 category / 1 submission to 2 different categories

4. Can I get chosen to make more than 1 film if I pitch more than one?

No, each person will only get to make 1 film, even if they are interviewed by mentors for 2 different categories. 

5. If I have participated in past editions of FFP, am I eligible to submit again this year? 

No, as we hope to give as many young filmmakers a chance to benefit from the programme, each participant can only be part of 1 edition of FFP as a director.

However, past FFP edition directors are more than welcomed to be part of new FFP films in other capacities (e.g. as an editor / producer etc.), just not as a director again.

6. How many films will be chosen out of the submitted stories? 

6 films will be chosen to be made – 1 from each category (Horror, Comedy, Drama, Music Video, Documentary and Animation).

7. Is the funding exclusive to NYFA FFP, or can I get additional funding from another organisation too?

Yes, you may source for additional funding.

8. Can I pitch my thesis film project to FFP?

Yes you may, as long as the rights to the film does not go to the school.

9. How much funding does each film get under FFP?

Each film gets $10,000 SGD, across all 6 categories (including Music Video).

10. What if I do not use up the full funding given to me, can I donate the money or use the proceeds for any other means?

As the funds are intended to support and further develop filmmakers in their craft, we recommend to use the finances awarded towards your film, including post-production and festival and talent fees etc. Should you, however, have leftover funds, you may consider donating to to continue our mission to support fellow creative youths in their aspirations.

11. Who owns the rights to the film? 

*SCAPE owns the rights for formality and distribution purposes, but the team very much has autonomy about deciding their festival circuit. Any screening fees from any festival goes back to the filmmaker as well. 

12. Can the short film I make at FFP be used as a proof of concept for my feature project?

Yes, you may do so. 

13. What are the distribution channels for the films? 

1) AppleTV

2) Objectifs Film Library

3) In-theater screenings

4) Outdoor Public Screenings

14. Will I lose my Singaporean premiere if I make a film under FFP?

The FFP organising team encourages filmmakers to submit their films to SGIFF (which requires a Singaporean premiere status), making a film under FFP would not cause you to lose your Singaporean premiere status. We will work closely with the filmmakers to distribute the film on top of their festival plan.