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Online Tutorial Series

*SCAPE presents to you the Online Tutorial Series!

Look out for your favourite local dancers teaching you their best dance moves.

Popping: Shuffle
Learn how to shuffle by practicing the basic steps.

Krump: Beginner
Want to learn how to KRUMP? How do you do krumping? Tune in to learn arm swings, stomps, jabs and Krump choreography from Roar City Grounds.  

Krump: Intermediate
Know the basic of Krumping and want to master an advanced dance routine? Learn lyrical krump and krump choreography to various krump tracks.

Krump: Party Moves
Master the art of Krumping Jumps and krump choreography to various krump tracks.

Krump: Character Play Choreography
Learn arm swings, stomps, jabs and krump choreography to various krump tracks.

B-boy: Indian Step
B-boying is not just a dance. It is a culture. Get involved in the scene and learn how to do the Indian Step dance move. A tutorial by Sufian better known as Flurry! This is certainly great for beginners to get started.

B-boy: Cross Over
The Cross Over aka Salsa Step is one of the most recognisable Toprock steps that most beginners first learn. Get your groove on!

B-boy: 6 Step
The 6-step sets a strong foundation for B-boying. Transform your footwork and learn how to master this basic move.

B-boy: 3 Step
Master the 3-step, a basic footwork in B-boying! Incorporate it into your own routine.

B-boy: CC
Pick up CC and elevate your footwork game! CC is commonly used with the 6 Step and the Front Shuffle.

B-boy: Peter Pan
Peter Pan consists of hooks and slings from side to side. Get the hang of this dance move and apply Peter Pan on various types of footwork.

B-boy: Pretzel
Pretzels, a footwork fundamental, consists of sweeps and changing of directions! Add it to your routine!

B-boy: Baby Freeze 
Baby Freeze is usually the first freeze that every B-boy learns. Master this basic Freeze move that acts as a transition to a more advanced dance routine.

More Online Tutorial Series that are certainly great for beginners to get grooving: