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Undergrounds: Pubstomp 2019

*SCAPEesports presents Undergrounds: Pubstomp 2019

Dota 2 fans had an experience of a lifetime, as they gathered underground to party and celebrate for 2 days straight. The International (TI) 2019’s Pubstomp is no ‘basic’ viewing party, it was an esports experience. Fans enjoyed DOTA 2’s annual world championships with their squad and showed their support for 16 of the world’s best teams, as they competeed for the grand title.

We had some fringe activities like arcade games, DOTA 2 cosplayers and much much more.

Undergrounds: Pubstomp 2019 was a good opportunity for youths to meet more people within the community and celebrate their love for the game with other like-minded individuals.