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Hear from the National Youth Film Awards (NYFA) nominees as they share about their lives, loves and passions in filmmaking as well as their professional takes on their roles and the films, in a light-hearted interview with Nikki Muller.

An actor works to portray a character in a movie, film, television show or any other performing arts media. But that’s not all there is to this interesting job.

Animated films present limitless possibilities for storytelling.

Directors do more than shout “action” and “cut” behind the scenes.

Join us for the 7th National Youth Film Awards!
Saturday | 24 July 2021 | 4pm

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An actor breathes life into a character once penned down on a script. It is a role that is portrayed as effortless but requires research, preparation and hard work.

“Oh how the tables have turned!” From being documentarists who interviewed others and stayed behind the camera, to having the spotlight shine bright on them.

The job of the directors is one of the toughest on set because they have to work with everybody in the production – actors, writers, sound designer, editor and the list goes on and on.

Live Action
What is it like behind the scenes on a set of a live action film? 

Trying to make a film without a script or screenplay, would be like trying to travel around without your GPS.

Animation films create a whole new world for you to step into and experience.