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*SCAPE Streamer Residency FAQ

1: What is *SCAPE Streamer Residency?
A: It is both a camp (EXP Camp) which aims at providing a networking platform to onboard aspiring content creators, and a curated talent development programme (Pathway programme) which aims at being an accelerated platform to enable and educate aspiring local streamers.

2: Who will *SCAPE Streamer Residency be suitable for?
A: This programme is exclusive to aspiring local youth streamers who are NEW streamers, or Affiliates on Twitch. Twitch Partners are not allowed to participate in this programme.

3: When will *SCAPE Streamer Residency be held?
A: Registration will begin on 29 October and end on 28 November 2021. The official programme will kick off on 10 December once the participants have been chosen.

4: What is the duration *SCAPE Streamer Residency programme?
A: EXP Camp: 10 December 2021 – 12 December 2021
Pathway Programme: 15 January 2022 – 12 March 2022 

5: Is there an age restriction for *SCAPE Streamer Residency and is it only open to Singaporeans/Singapore PR?
A: Yes, interested registrants are to be of age between 18 to 35 years old, and have to be a Singaporean or Singapore PR to qualify for the registration.

6: Is there a cost to join *SCAPE Streamer Residency?
A: No, it is absolutely FREE to join. However, a SGD50 deposit will be collected upon selection for the programme. It will be returned to you at the end of EXP Camp.

7: What is the selection process for *SCAPE Streamer Residency participants?
A: Applicants will be required to submit an audition video through the registration link here.

8: What are my obligations if I am chosen?
A: For EXP Camp (offline) – To be present at *SCAPE for all 3 days, actively participate in all camp activities, learn from mentors, make friends, and have fun.
For Pathway programme (online) – To attend every masterclass on Saturdays, to attend every mentorship sessions, to complete the homework and workbook provided, to fulfil potential sponsorship entitlements, uploading of logos to your stream overlay, monitoring of Twitch statistics and share it with the organising team weekly, to stream at least 12 hours weekly, etc.

9: How will I know if I am selected for the *SCAPE Streamer Residency?
A: After registration closes, we will contact you via email to go through another round of selection process via an online interview, where the final participants will then have the opportunity take part in Streamer Residency programme.

10: Will I be able to choose my Mentor?
A: No, the organising team will facilitate the appropriate allocation of the mentees to the Mentors. However you are free to voice out who your preferred mentor is during the interview.

11: What should I expect from my Mentor?
A: You can expect first hand experience advice from your Mentor and obstacles that they know you will face with tips on how to overcome them.
In EXP Camp, youths can expect several fun team bonding camp activities, panel sharing, content creation, and collaboration opportunities.
In Pathway programme, youths can expect a series of masterclasses, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, content review sessions, as well as sharing sessions by the mentors themselves.

12: Do I need to be a streamer or have any experience with streaming to join *SCAPE Streamer Residency?
A: We are looking for new streamers or Twitch Affiliates to join us for this programme. Are you new on Twitch? No worries, simply create an account, start your first few streams. You can add those interesting clips into your audition video submission!

13: How do I register for *SCAPE Streamer Residency?
A: You can register via this link here.

14: If I am a current Twitch “Partner”, am I still allowed to register for *SCAPE Streamer Residency?
A: As much as we appreciate your enthusiasm, “Partners” of Twitch cannot partake in *SCAPE Streamer Residency, as we are looking to give new and aspiring streamers a chance to learn and enter the world of streaming.

15: Is it compulsory to commit fully to the 3 day EXP Camp, and the 9 weeks schedule of Pathway programme upon being selected?
A: Yes, it is compulsory. Upon registration of the *SCAPE Streamer Residency, you are to be prepared to fully commit to both the EXP Camp and Pathway programme (unless you checked ‘I am not interested in Pathway’ in the registration form). In the event that you do not complete or turn up for the EXP Camp, the SGD50 deposited will be forfeited.

Take note that if you are NOT part of the top 12 to qualify for the Pathway programme after completing EXP Camp, you do NOT need to commit to Pathway’s 9 weeks schedule.

And in the event that you do qualify to proceed with Pathway programme and you do not complete the programme, the Pathway crate will be forfeited and you will be deemed to have not graduated from the programme.

16: What is the time for the Pathway masterclass workshops?
A: Masterclasses will be held every Saturday, 15 January 2022 and ends on 5 March 2022, at 12.00pm, GMT+8.

17. How do I graduate from the *SCAPE Streamer Residency programme?
A: Participants have to complete the 3 day EXP Camp, and Pathway programme’s 9 weeks course, and attend the graduation in order to graduate from the programme. 

18: What is the Pathway crate for?
A: It contains a combination of equipment and accessories to provide the 12 selected participants in Pathway programme a boost to improve their streaming experiences so they can pursue streaming without worrying over streaming equipment.

19. Can I become a “Partner” after going through *SCAPE Streamer Residency?
A. It is possible if you achieve Twitch’s requirements for Partner status listed below within the duration of Pathway programme:

  • You must have completed the Twitch “Path to Affiliate” subscription.
  • You need to build a community and have about 75 active viewers on a regular basis.
  • You must stream for an extended period of time on at least 12 different days within a month.
  • You must stream for at least 25 hours within a month.

Upon graduation, top performing individuals will also have an opportunity to be invited to the *SCAPE Twitch Team as a streamer.

For more queries, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.