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Successpedia Asia is a new social enterprise start-up and we aim to go around Asia to cover stories of successful entrepreneurs, successful individuals and also ordinary people with extra-ordinary stories.

Successpediadesmond Founder, Desmond Pang

Can you describe the HubQuarters Fellowship Programme?
It is a good effort to bring in group of young start-ups with the attempt to fill in the gaps of experience through theoretical knowledge.

Can you share more about yourself?
Near-bankruptcy, depression, and 3 business failures – these are just some of the numerous adversities faced by Successpedia Asia founder, Desmond Pang.

But through the stories of unconventional success and encouragement from fellow entrepreneurs and peers, he found the resilience to pick himself back up time after time. His primary motivation, though, came from his experience as an educator in Singapore. He constantly encouraged his students by saying:

If you persevere, believe, and work hard, you will one day find a unique success of your own.

This belief eventually became a source of inspiration for himself because he didn’t want to let his ex-students down. He was determined to walk the talk in the hopes of being their guiding light. With that, Successpedia Asia was birthed, and the company’s name was derived from the same quote.

As an educator, entrepreneur, and go-getter, Desmond created this platform to show that the path to success isn’t linear. Behind the shiny achievements is a journey that is often arduous, messy, and intertwined with failure. These are the stories that Successpedia Asia highlights, with the goal of redefining society’s conventional definition of success.

Please share your experience with the Fellowship Programme?
It was an interesting journey meeting different people with different dreams.

What do you hope to see in the Fellowship community?
Start-ups in the community flourish

How do you think you can contribute back to the Fellowship community?
My platform welcomes start-up and entrepreneurs who are confident enough to be featured, even the mentors and their companies.

What are your future plans?
Grow Successpedia Asia to be one of leading inspirational platforms for leaders, entrepreneurs, PMETs and youths.

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