Venues Hire

Looking for a versatile space to host your event?

*SCAPE venues can accommodate various events and functions, from sports events, music concerts, warehouse sales to corporate functions and meetings. You will certainly find a space suitable for your needs.

Choose from our list of venues:

The Ground Theatre

One of the largest indoor venues in Orchard Road, *SCAPE The Ground Theatre is perfect for hosting all kinds of events. The grand dame of all our venues, this large-capacity multi-purpose hall has seen parties, music concerts, dance competitions, theatre productions, sporting arenas, seminars, corporate dinners and warehouse sales held within its space. Highly customisable and configurable, how you can make use of The Ground Theatre to suit your needs is only limited by your imagination!


Holding your events at the *SCAPE Playspace is bound to get people talking – in a good way, of course. Situated along the busy Orchard Road/Grange Road belt, your event is sure to attract the eyeballs and attention it deserves. Playspace offers endless possibilities, from carnivals to outdoor concerts, and sports tournaments to car exhibitions. Simply put, this is the ideal venue to hold your outdoor events in the heart of town.

The TreeTop

*SCAPE The TreeTop is one of our best venues to hold a myriad of functions like press conferences, product launches, networking sessions, private sales and seminars. Some unique features include full-glass windows that provide a beautiful expanse to your function and a reception area to host your guests. The TreeTop also has two break out rooms with movable panels that are connected to the main hall which can be used for multiple and smaller-sized seminars.

*SCAPEmedia Hub

Perfect for your private functions, the *SCAPEmedia Hub is great for smaller scale events such as talks, workshops and product launches. The venue comes with a cosy grass patched area with bean bags where your guests can make themselves feel at home while mingling around in between workshops or afterwards if they want to take a rest. If you want a venue that is formal with some level of intimacy, this is certainly the venue for you! Till date, art exhibitions, press conferences and even hands-on camera workshops have been held at the *SCAPEmedia Hub.

Sky Terraces

Level 3
Surrounded by lush greenery that exudes a relaxed and calm atmosphere, the *SCAPE Sky Terrace at Level 3 has an exclusive atmosphere for those who wish to have more intimacy and privacy at their functions or events. This spacious area is a great choice for mini-concerts and movie screenings under the stars, or alfresco cocktail receptions for business and private parties and gatherings.

Level 4
Providing a beautiful skyline view of Grange Road and overlooking the Playspace, the Sky Terrace at Level 4 is immensely popular for photo taking and a wide array of events and activities. It has both indoor and outdoor sections which allows for much versatility during your functions or events. This venue has been used many times for shoots, dance activities and casual cocktail receptions.

Training Rooms

The News Room | The Situation Room
Need a conducive environment to conduct your workshops or seminars? The training rooms at *SCAPE provide seminar-style seating and are ideal for workshops, talks and classes, making it easy for close interaction between instructors and participants. Projectors, whiteboards, LAN and internet connectivity are also available in these training rooms.