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Volunteer Terms and Conditions

*SCAPE’s Terms and Conditions sets out the standards of behaviour that is expected of all volunteers across all clusters. It is the responsibility of each participant to fully read, understand and fully adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

Change of Dates

In the case of the volunteer needing to cancel on the date he/she volunteered in, the volunteer will have to give at least 3 days notice to relevant cluster in-charge.

Absence of Events

If volunteer does not show up for events that they have scheduled themselves for more than 5 times with no reason, he/she will be voided from the volunteer programme.

Needs Based Benefits

Volunteer will only be enabled the event passes/movie tickets/exclusive access if their deliverables require them to. (Example: If we need a movie review, we will provide the movie tickets to that show ONLY if said volunteer does the movie review for *SCAPE)

CCA CIP Programme

For volunteers who wish to apply under the CIP programme, kindly give us details of your teacher/lecturer with name and contact details, do check with your lecturer prior to signing up. *SCAPE would be happy to provide whatever necessary to facilitate the process.

Disciplinary Procedures

*SCAPE will make a reasonable effort to resolve any disciplinary matter before it becomes serious. However, we reserve the right to take appropriate action in the event that a volunteer’s behaviour offends our staff, partners, projects or other participants in the programme.


The participant agrees to allow *SCAPE to use feedback, including quotes, photos, blogs, videos etc., on as well as *SCAPE’s social networking pages. Participants may request that photographs and videos showing individuals be removed from the site, unless these were submitted with the purpose of being shown on the site.


*SCAPE does not provide our participants with insurance of any kind. 


The participant agrees to indemnify *SCAPE and its local partner organisations against any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, costs, expenses, fees and damages which the organizations may incur directly or indirectly out of:

  • the breach of these terms and conditions by the participant; or
  • any claim or other cause of action made against *SCAPE as a result of the participant’s omissions / actions / inactions and/or failure to perform the services required.