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“Work From Home And Ride On Cloud” Webinar by *SCAPEentrepreneurship and Google Business Group Singapore

*SCAPEentrepreneurship Programming team regularly invites subject matter experts to conduct skills-based workshops across different business topics and trends that are of interest to the local startups community.

When COVID-19 outbreak forced thousands to shift to a remote work set-up and work from home, many relied on technology to stay connected and embrace the new mode of operations.

In partnership with Google Business Group Singapore, *SCAPEentrepreneurship team curated a “Work From Home And Ride On Cloud” webinar with the community’s experts to share their knowledge and experience on how youth entrepreneurs can stay connected with their team from anywhere and remain accountable, collaborative, and productive.


Credits: GBG Singapore. In picture, Jimmy Jigmo, a cloud technology adviser, focuses on tools that innovate digital workplaces, and change the way teams work.

The digital event was conducted via Google Meet, provided practical tips on how startups can do their best work and stay nimble with a flexible cloud platform.

Here are some of our favourite tips for working from home and hosting remote meetings:

  1. Conduct your meetings with video-first for collaboration. This will enhance higher engagement and more productive meetings.


  1. Forward planning to integrate the new normal of how to do your best work post circuit breaker period.
  2. Organise and have smarter time management using calendaring and scheduling. Dedicate a meeting-free day for planning and follow-ups. This has proven effective for our GBG expert and you should try it!
  3. Reliable meeting with stable connectivity and user-friendly video conferencing solutions like Google Meet, is the next best thing to meeting in person.
  4. Apart from hosting the virtual meet, a good moderator will be your best meeting buddy to facilitate the discussions.

Technology has not only transformed the way we worked but also how our businesses can be redesigned. The Ride on Cloud” segment introduced the fundamentals of cloud, trends and how businesses could tap into technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence) to reimagine their operations and businesses.


Credits: GBG Singapore. In picture, Andrew Shuttleworth, has worked in IT for 20 years and loves helping businesses take advantage of technology.


One of the interesting tools that was demonstrated live, was Vision AI. Through AI, it derived insights from images in the cloud to detect emotion, understand text, and more. Some of the cited cases like industrial inspection, vision product search etc could apply the tools and startups leveraged on cloud technology to digitalise and redesign their product and service offerings.

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