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Congregate. Ideate and Co-create.

Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday
9am to 9pm

If you are an aspiring youth entrepreneur or budding start-up, the *SCAPE HubQuarters is where you want to be! Centrally-located, HubQuarters is a youth-centric co-working space and community where innovative and impactful business ideas can take flight. At HubQuarters, you’ll be able to:

  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Get equipped with resources and support of the *SCAPE community and partners to turn your ideas into reality
  • Be a part of and speak at our many programmes:
    • Startup Hack – Learn new skills from businesses and industry professionals
    • Meet The Masters – Hear from successful entrepreneurs and get inspired
    • Community Huddle – An exclusive Hubbers-only platform where you can share your ideas and hear from your fellow Hubbers
    • Industry Networking – An industry specific networking event, which brings together startups, entrepreneurs and professionals within the space to network
    • And many more!

HubQuarters is where you develop, nurture, and realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Join us!

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