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*SCAPE Creative Fellowship (3rd Season)

The *SCAPE Creative Fellowship programme is a highly selective accelerator programme that equips Singapore’s most promising young entrepreneurs and startups in the creative industry with the knowledge and skills necessary to take their ideas and innovations to the next level. Successful entrepreneurs will go through a series of content workshops, practical beta tests, and mentorship sessions to help them turn their startup into a scalable business over a period of 10 weeks. The 3-month programme will end with a Demo Day and a Showcase to an audience of potential clients, mentors and investors.

Who is it for?
The programme is built for young innovators in creative industries: music, dance, film, performing arts, and esports & gaming.

Connect with our startups at:

Selected Teams

Antgage Logo Antgage is Singapore’s Entertainment Platform for Entertainers in the Arts & Entertainment Industry. It hosts profiles for Musicians, DJs, Emcees, Special Acts, Groups/Band and Entertainment Vendors that you can book or engage directly. It is a one-stop platform for engaging Arts & Entertainment Acts.
Bountie Bountie is a Singapore based startup in the esports and gaming industry. Their mission is to create the ultimate platform for gamers to work, shop and play together. You could think of them like Facebook but for gaming. Instead of just the top 3% of the gamers getting 90% of the rewards, they aim to democratise gaming, where the 97% of the casual and semi-pro gamers also get rewarded from gaming. This is a market opportunity for 2.7 billion gamers and impacting their lives will as a result elevate Bountie into an unicorn status.
Curiouscore Black CuriousCore is a digital design school for lifelong learners. They help busy professionals and organisations stay relevant in a changing world driven by technology. Their accelerated learning programs are designed to stimulate creativity, critical thinking and empathy which are essential to good leadership but are lacking in traditional education. They specialise in helping mid-career professionals break into the User Experience (UX) Design industry and business leaders to learn the fundamentals of Human-Centered Design (HCD) to solve business challenges.
Dateideas dateideas provides couples with interesting ideas for their every date. They do this via their mobile app SaaS-enabled marketplace which allows couples to book a variety of curated couple packages from merchants, while integrating SaaS features which enhance the quality of their dates and the quality of their relationships in the long-run. With over 30,000 couples and over 100 merchant partners on our platform, they currently run the largest community of couples in Singapore.
Music And Makan Music and Makan is an arts lifestyle company that curates intimate and engaging classical music experiences, while creating opportunities to build community around “makan” – every Singaporean’s favourite pastime. Founded in 2012, they feature Singapore’s brilliant classical musicians in intimate settings such as living rooms and focus on deepening the artistic experience through creating dialogue around the music.
Ldc Legacy Dance Co. (LDC) provides a well-structured dance education system. This dance-centric format of education, catered specially for street dance, is relatively new in Singapore. With the emphasis of building a cohesive, family-like spirit between the students and mentors, LDC’s courses are designed to cultivate morals and values that will serve students with purpose beyond the classroom.
Ransack Ransack specialises in using puzzles to create immersive self-hosted experiences. Their uniquely crafted puzzles incorporate environmental elements to tell stories to participants. Whether you are exploring a new area, rediscovering a familiar place or learning about the history of that place, the Ransack journey allows you to conduct it by yourself with freedom and autonomy. Young or old, with friends or family, exploring and learning with
play enriches the experience!
Sēn Noise Logo sēn Noise, believes in storytelling through music. They off their clients first-rate bespoke audio production, at highly competitive prices. sēn Noise is made up of active, established musicians and sound professionals who relentlessly pursue their craft, each an aggregate of a different discipline. The result, a dynamic collective working to elevate their client’s artistic vision.
Vine Music Studio Vine Music Studio is a premier inclusive vocal teaching school that offers services such as private 1-1 and group singing lessons and workshops online and in-person by highly qualified vocal instructors from top music colleges around the world. They provide the best vocal instruction in Singapore to nurture the artists of tomorrow by helping each individual find their voice and build confidence regardless of their background or abilities. They guide their students to find the optimal and most efficient way to use their voices for performance and public speaking, so that they can confidently and creatively express
themselves, and sustain their vocal health in the long-term.
Wraek Wraek is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high-end gaming keyboards, providing gamers with effective and ergonomic comfort during gameplay.

Thank you to our panel of mentors:

1st September- 3rd November: Workshops / Masterclasses
5th November: Demo Day and Showcase

Programme Benefits

  • Workshops: Workshops and masterclasses with experts to equip startups with knowledge
    and skill sets to develop and test a minimum viable product
  • The chance to network and meet with creative industry experts and mentors who can help
    you develop your business ideas
  • Be part of the Google for Startups community:
    • Access to over 50 Google Tech Hubs around the world in 20 countries
    • Credits for various Google products like Google Cloud and Google Apps
    • Mentoring and clinics/workshops by Google experts
    • Access to Google global startup programmes exclusive to Google partners
    • Be part of the Ravel Innovation’s* virtual membership: access to all the events at Ravel Innovation* as well as
      being onboarded with our community of 1000 members who are in the innovation
      ecosystem in Singapore
  • Access up to $100k worth of Business and Lifestyle perks
  • 1 year of complimentary HubQuarters’ hotdesking membership for the youth startups

Presented by: *SCAPE
Co-organised by: Ravel Innovation*
Contact us at

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*Ravel Innovation was formerly Found8 Innovation.