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Entrepreneurship and Careers
25 June, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
*SCAPE Atrium, Level 2

About Discover/y

Discover/y (pronounced as Discovery) is a programme that aims to provide irl (in real life) exposure of what entrepreneurship looks like through the lens of youth.

Youth can expect a two-part elements to the programme:

  1. A fireside chat for youth to discover the stories of other enterprising youth and be inspired to embark on their own journeys too.
  2. A pop-up space filled with small, creative businesses run by youth entrepreneurs. See and experience the fruits of their fellow youths’ entrepreneurial journey through their retail booth and/or fringe workshops* (to confirm if anyone is doing it) located right at heart of the sunny island, *SCAPE at Orchard.

Get ready to discover and make your own discovery in the entrepreneurship space at our good-vibes only event, Discover/y.

Fireside Chat

Are you interested to start your own business? Curious to know more about the businesses they patron?

Discover the stories of enterprising youth through a fireside chat happening on 25 June 2022 and be inspired to embark on your own journey too.

Registration is closed


11am-12pm: Seizing Your Passion
Concorde skate co


Farid Muhamad

Hello, I’m Farid, a Business owner and skateboarder from Singapore. I recently started my own company called Concorde skate co and with this I’m hoping to help put Singapore as a skateboarding destination on the world map. I love travelling, meeting new people and learning something new anytime I have the opportunity to do so. I would say that I’m friendly, open minded, easy going and super laid back.



Adonicelle Ang

Adonicelle is the co-founder of donandwolley. Partnered with her sister, Adonelle they started donandwolley from the foundation of their shared passion and love for arts and BTS. It started with a sticker idea business illustrating our favourite Kpop Group BTS  to anime and now evolving to creating colourful illustrations and quirky accessories and stationery with our own original characters and styles.




3pm-4pm: Exploring Creativity



Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan loves to doodle monsters. In her world, she reimagines grotesque monsters as colourful creatures that can bring joy and delight. She struggles to understand her emotions from an intellectual perspective and to share the colourful world of her mind, and uses yarn and fibre art as a medium to check in on her mental state as well as to express herself creatively.

Cheryl runs KAIJUU Fibers, a hand-dyed yarn business with the mission of spreading positivity, self-acceptance, and living loud and proud.

Esther Sunday

Esther (1)

Esther Lim

Esther is a watercolour and digital artist who loves painting animals. During the Circuit Breaker in 2020, she started her art journey in painting by taking up online art courses which helped her break out of the work-from-home routine at the time.

She is a resourceful, creative, and dynamic individual who enjoys finding new ways to make connections across ideas, processes, spaces and people, and believes in living life being open to serendipitous encounters.

She hopes to create a brand that embodies the idea of home — a place filled with delightful objects, and where one can feel safe to explore and play. She hopes to be able to encourage others to explore their creative sides and to find their authentic selves in the process too.

Pop-Up Booths
25 June, 10am-8pm 

See and experience the fruits of several young entrepreneurs through curated pop-up booths at *SCAPE.



Kaijuu Stacked Logo Artboard Stacked (2)

KAIJUU Fibers is a hand dyed yarn brand from Singapore specialised in vibrantly colored wool-based summer yarn. Through our yarn, KAIJUU Fibers is on a mission to spread positivity, self-acceptance, and living loud and proud; it is okay to be weird.


Concorde skate co

Concorde Vector[5947]

We are a group of Creative skateboarders who want to express and show the world how Skateboarding is more than just a plank of wood.

We collaborate with local artists to explore the art of skateboarding experiences. Together, we take the stage, building and inspiring others into the world of skateboarding by showcasing its beauty and creativity. 

On top of all that, we want to give back to the skateboarding community in every possible way.

Link: / 



Hello, hue-mans we’re DonAndWolley!

Just two hue-mans who love to share our interests through customised handmade products. We add just a drop of our creativity to make each product unique and special to you. 

Link: /



We are a small business based in sunny Singapore and we pride ourselves in making gift giving affordable! We love all things local so be prepared to see a lot of cute items in store. If you share the same passion for local goodies, you are in for a treat!


Esther Sunday


Esther Sunday is a lifestyle brand that believes in the values of: Rest. Play. Celebrate. 

Founded by Esther, a watercolour and digital artist, she creates and sell merchandise and stationery using her own hand-illustrated animal artwork. Recently, she launched the Deep Dwellings series – a series of 7 realistic illustrated whale merchandise produced on washi tapes, postcards, and stickers.


Le Vyr

Levyr Logo

Known for brewing nostalgic blends of unpasteurized Kombucha and Milk Kefir. Le Vyr pays homage to local cuisine specializing in local inspired flavored probiotic beverages. Aiming to make an international idea, truly local by using ingredients that were not only familiar, but would invoke memories when consumed. Creating a comfortable and familiar environment for new Kombucha & Milk Kefir drinkers to eventually become more accepting towards trying these gut-healthy beverages out.



Lookafter Small

Lookafter is an eye vitamin gummy startup in Singapore, hoping to raise awareness on the importance of eye health in this digitalised world, through nutrition. Our gummy provides an easier and tastier way to support our overall eye health. We believe that our overworked eyes deserve more TLC to stay healthy and happy!



Hubbers (Startups who are members of *SCAPE HubQuarters co-working space)
Dan’s Bites

Dan Bites

At DAN’S BITES, every piece is handcrafted to perfection to preserve the rich classic brownie taste yet infused with a creative crispy twist in it. So, do share our Brownie Crisp with your loved ones and score yourself some Brownie Points!


Crunch Cutlery


Crunch Cutlery addresses the problems of plastic waste and poor urban nutrition with a single product. Million Units of disposable cutleries items are being thrown. Packed with flax, chia and whole wheat, these edible cutleries are not only saving plastic waste, but also packed with irresistible goodness as well!




At JustDabao, we strongly believe in reducing food waste in Singapore. We aim to redistribute the unsold surplus food by connecting last minute consumers and eateries.


The Green Collective


The Green Collective SG is an ecosystem of Sustainable Brand Owners, conscious consumers and businesses. Over here, we will build a community of change-makers who collaborate with each other to simplify adoption of a sustainable lifestyle and offer the largest assortment of sustainable alternatives to almost all of your needs.


Urban Origins


Urban Origins is an urban food marketplace that gives you access to the nearest and most sustainable food sources. We connect Singapore’s residents with farms and businesses that source and produce food locally. Over here, you can not only find sustainable food and other products, but also a selection of brands with a strong commitment to sustainability.