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Finalists of 3rd Podcast Competition+

We are pleased to announce the top 10 winners and finalists of the 3rd Podcast Competition+.

Winners of the 3rd Podcast Competition+:

Best Production:

By Amirul Haquim & Adrian Oh Wei Jun 

Your weekly dose of intrigue & shocking facts about the career world is brought to you by UOKORNOT. Hosted by the free-spirited Adrian & friendly neighborhood skeptic Amirul. UOKORNOT aims to provide Gen Zs & Millienials an insight into the different Industries in Singapore. Get a leg up before joining your next dream job!

Best Original Content:

Fan Fatale
By Anis Nabilah

Ever written fan-fiction? Or queued up for over 10 hours just to see your favourite idol? What about singing your lungs out from a distance at a sold-out show, hoping they lay their eyes on you? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you may be a stan – or you’re aspiring to be one.
Welcome to Fan Fatale, the show for the fandom-curious to get a sneak peek at the inner-workings of fans and stans. Join Anis as she brings you on the ultimate journey into their psyche to find out what it truly means to be a fan. Consider this podcast your initiation into all-things fandom.

*SCAPE Rising Star Award

The Glow Pod
By Gladys Phua Min 

Are you constantly scrolling Instagram, admiring the lives of some of your peers? Or do you have some role models your age that you want to seek advice from? Well, then you are in the right place! Join Gladys Phua, a quirky and confused youngster and host, as she interviews a whole lot of “COOL” youths (eg. CEOs at 17? Travelled the world by 20?) to find out for you how they achieved their dreams!
So grab your snacks, coffee, matcha, whatever you like and get ready to take a glimpse into the lives of those who are so different from our own! 

Finalists of the 3rd Podcast Competition+:

Buay Paiseh
By Siow Lee Xian & Yong Jia Yu

Too shy to ask a question you desperately want answered? Curious to know if somebody else feels the same way as you on a contentious (or sensitive) topic? On Buay Paiseh, Lee Xian and Jia Yu ask the questions you’re too paiseh to ask. Look forward to content from popular Telegram channel Paiseh Questions, as Buay Paiseh takes their submissions apart in an entertaining and insightful way. We hope that as Buay Paiseh entertains, it also sheds light on perspectives not commonly heard. So, tune in to Buay Paiseh as we talk through Paiseh Questions’ best content, and get ready for a wild ride.

DaTing with Tings!
By Chen Ting An

Join Tings and friends for some lighthearted chatter about the topic that’s at the centre of all our hearts – love and dating! Learn about the latest dating slangs, listen to interesting dating advice, and laugh till your socks drop, at the wackiest dating stories!
Follow @dating.tings on Instagram for more bite-size tips on love and relationships, and updates on the latest episodes. Here’s to LOVE, cheers!

Forgotten Archives
By Fatin Mayasari & Geraldine Jesslyn Lau Ser Hian 

Curious about a particular dilapidated estate or areas that were once buzzing with life but are now overrun by nature and covered in ruins? Forgotten Archives is where detective duo Fatin and Gerry bring you the details of those places. A casual sit down conversation as they share findings from every corner of the internet and every rumour they have heard. Fun, light hearted and inquiring is all there is to it. So grab a shovel or two and follow them as they unearth the history, tales and mystery behind Singapore’s abandoned buildings.


GOATS Of The Underground
Zuhra Adilah Bte Md Roslan

Join Zu in discovering up and coming rappers straight outta the Lion City here in ‘G.O.A.T.S Of The Underground’! This hip-hop podcast lets you get up close and personal with fresh faces of the local rap scene.
If you’re a rapper, even if you’re new to the scene, we’d love to have you on the show! Or if you know anyone with a rap flow you think deserves to be heard, refer them to us at or @zu.vengenz on IG!

S’pore-ken Word
By Rodrigues Crispin Cyril-Wardley

Ever wanted to read poetry but you’re really don’t know where to start? Sporeken Word helps to demystify Singapore poetry through personal experience to show how what we read is tied to our personal history and lived experience.

The First Die
By Ori Artemis & Amelia Tan Wei Ling 

Getting into Dungeons and Dragons can be hard, but the good news is D&D isn’t the only Tabletop RPG that exists out there. Join Ori and Amelia as they walk through some Tabletop RPGs that are perfect for people trying to get a foot in the door.

What Do I Do Now
By Priyanka Tamilarasan Thevar & Indirajith Shanmugapriya 

Having studied and worked together over the last four years, Priya and Priyanka have commonly shared conversations with pivotal figures in their life. Be it the one who started the friendship of this duo, the one who allowed them to work in their first documentary film or the one who shaped the early phases of their career, the conversations are fondly remembered for the good it brought upon them. Over the years, these conversations have since become a distant memory. Hence, ‘What do I do now’ prides itself in picking up conversations from where it was last left.