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Somerset Film Snaps
Workshop / Exhibition / Art Market 
*SCAPE #02-15 and Atrium 
Free aims to showcase local young medium format photographers to present photos of Somerset belt through their lenses. Beside the showcase, participants can also look forward to a plethora of film photography activities – including a camera and print market, photography walks, workshops and much more.

Location: *SCAPE #02-15 and Atrium 
Dates: 16 to 18 December 2022
Admission Type: Free entry to exhibition and market, workshops and other activities may have charges accordingly.
Format: Workshop / Exhibition / Art Market 

Somerset and its surroundings has seen many changes over the last 50 years with planned redevelopment still yet to happen. As we look toward these changes, we want to take stock of its current surroundings through the eyes of young photographers.

We see the opportunity to create a space for film photography to grow and thrive, starting with the handful of photographers we know from the 120×120 exhibition, with the aim to empower youth to share their photos. From this, we hope to grow the community so more photographers will get the opportunity to showcase and develop their craft.