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All enrolments are subject to the final acceptance of *SCAPE and Nas Academy.

You must supply us with accurate information that is not false or misleading. Any false or misleading data deliberately provided to us may be considered fraudulent behaviour and may constitute an offence. If we suspect any such data is being provided by you we may refer the matter to the appropriate authorities and/or suspend or expel you. If you need to change any information you may do so using our student portal or contacting Academy Support via one of the contact methods listed at the end of the document.


You must be a Singaporean citizen or Permanent resident and within the age group of 15-35 yrs to be eligible to apply. We will require the last 4 digits of your NRIC card for application purposes.


Once your course starts you will be required to participate in order to successfully complete your CoursePage. Participation includes consuming prescribed course material, engaging in classroom-based and/or online classes, completing exercises and activities, and successfully completing formative and/or summative assessments. Some or all of these may be compulsory in order to be considered to have successfully completed in your course of study. If you are unsure of your progress, please consult with your Academy Trainer.

We will keep track of your activity and may notify you, as a courtesy if we feel that you are not on track to successfully complete your course. However, if you feel at any time that you are not on track, don’t understand something or are otherwise having some difficulty please let your Academy Trainer know as soon as practicable. If you are unable to contact them please be in touch with Academy Support via one of the contact methods listed at the end of the document

If you are unable to do so, please ask a member of your family or a close friend to get in touch with us to let us know of your circumstances. We will try to help out wherever possible.

If you have an issue with your Academy Trainer that you don’t wish to discuss with them please write, in confidence via one of the contact methods listed at the end of the document.


As part of your study with us you will be required to create, record, edit and/or submit text and/or video and audio. Such data or recordings may include personal information and the pictorial and/or audio likenesses of you and other people. By doing this you agree to the storage, transmission and use of these data and your likeness, which may include transmission over the internet and/or posting on social media.

*SCAPE and Nas Academy is a respectful, open place for every human being to partake in the wonders of learning. It is important that when you record yourself or others and use services to transmit or post such data that you do so appropriately. This means that we expect all common courtesies and standards of decency that would be common in most societies to be adhered to.

Our services or equipment may not be used to record other people covertly, nor to store or transmit images, likenesses or audio of people, including yourself indecently dressed, insufficiently clothed, acting inappropriately including using profane language, symbols or gestures or using language, symbols or actions that could be assumed by a reasonable person to be offensive or upsetting or is illegal in your jurisdiction. Hate speech and offensiveness against gender, religion, colour, race, country / region of origin, nationality or sexual orientation is expressly forbidden on any of our services. Any such activity may result in sanctions against the student, which may include but not be limited to suspension or expulsion, and/or referral to the appropriate authorities.

*SCAPE and Nas Academy will be the final arbiter of what is considered to be offensive.

By submitting data or recordings you give permission for this to be shared with others in your class or other grouping of students, staff, Academy Trainers, Academy Support, mentors, Agents and Authorised Partners and posted on social media.

We may also use your likeness for the purposes of marketing, however if you prefer that this doesn’t happen you must let us know prior to the commencement of the course


The course is sponsored by *SCAPE. We will be collecting a SGD 100 deposit prior to the commencement of the course. The deposit is fully refundable and will be refunded upon graduating the 1 month course with minimum 80% course attendance.


The start and end dates are listed for you prior to your enrolment so that you can plan your study.

If you find the duration is insufficient, please speak with the Nas Academy as early as possible and we will do what we can to assist you.

In the event that we cancel the course prior to commencement you will be issued a full refund of the deposit. The refund will be paid to you via the payment method in which we received the money and in the currency in which we billed you.


You must disclose to us anything that might prevent or impede your study prior to commencement. If anything occurs during your study that may prevent or impede your study you must let us know. Speak with your Facilitator or contact us via one of the contact methods listed at the end of the document.


We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for people with a disability or specific learning needs. We may be able to make reasonable adjustments and accommodations to meet such needs, however we will not incur additional costs of interpreters, aid workers, computer hardware or software, prostheses, hearing aids, braille devices, translations, software modifications or other modifications or support services required. Please enquire with your local disability or special needs support services in your area with whom we would be pleased to liaise.


All student support must be via:

  • In person at your local Nas Academy Location
  • By email to
  • Lodging a request inside the Nas Academy online portal


Session # Session Plan Date & Time
1 Master the storytelling Feb 16th; 1900 – 2200
2 Shoot 1st Video Feb 19th; 1900 – 2200
3 Edit 1st Video Feb 23rd; 1900 – 2200
4 Storytelling part 2 & On Camera Presence Feb 26th; 1900 – 2200
5 Shoot custom themed video Mar 2nd; 1900 – 2200
6 Edit custom themed video, prep for 3rd video Mar 5th; 1900 – 2200
7 Complete edits, publishing class Mar 9th; 1900 – 2200
8 Graduation; What’s next Mar 12th; 1900 – 2200