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Side Quests
*SCAPE Gallery

Side Quests

17 – 18 June 2023 

Ready to break into the industry and make a name for yourself in the world of gaming and esports? Can gaming be a potential career option for your child? How can gaming and esports help shape your child’s future?

Our Re:Play programme has got you covered with a series of epic career panels and keynotes featuring top-notch industry experts and insiders. Level up your skills as you learn from the pros about the different career pathways in the gaming and esports industry. You’ll gain insider knowledge on what it takes to kickstart your career in the gaming and esports industry. 

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 Day 1: Sat, 17 June 2023 | *SCAPE Gallery, Level 5

Ready, Player One: Exploring the Exciting World of Game Industry Careers | 10AM – 11AM

Pursuing a career in the game industry is not limited to commonly known roles such as game designer, programmer, artist or producer. To deliver a successful gaming experience to the global market, there is in fact a huge team of professionals working in every stage of the video games development life cycle and across multiple platforms. This session will introduce attendees to different roles in art creation, game development, audio, localization, QA testing, community management, communications & PR, player engagement, marketing and more. 

Speakers: Teo Kah Hui, Shawn Toh, Brian Kwek & Frederick April

Ready, Set, Pitch: How to Make Your Game Stand Out in the Crowd  | 11.30AM – 12PM

Ever wondered how do indie games get funded, or what are the next steps when you have a game and you’re ready to publish it for the world? How do you look for investors and what preparation are needed? 

In this session, Matthew will share the importance of preparing a pitch to secure funding, and its key components, as well as how to sell your game! 

Speaker: Matthew Quek

Tips & Tricks on scoring an interview | 12PM – 12.30PM

How to score well during your interview and what interviewee needs to pay attention to the information to have an effective interview. Interviewees need to take into account the preparation for the interview, such as researching about the company and the industry. Being prepared to answer common   interviewers’ questions, coming out with intelligent questions for the interviewer that will exhibit your knowledge of the company/position as well as your serious interest in joining them. During the interview, display your positive energy, enthusiasm, and appreciation for the interviewer’s time. These are some of the first few steps to kick-start the interview session.

Speaker: Amery Loh

Sounds Like a Plan | 1.30PM – 2PM 

Are you planning for or curious about a career in audio and music? Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a professional game sound designer looks like? Join us for an exclusive session with Jeremy and get the inside scoop on his journey from musician to entrepreneur and educator. You’ll also get to experience how audio and music can be used to create an immersive experience for visual and interactive media. Plus, learn some tips on how to break into the growing game audio industry. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to find out just how far your creativity can take you. 

Speaker: Jeremy Goh

Facechecking: Uncertainty Is Just Fine | 2PM – 2.30PM 

In this session, Jeremy will be sharing his experiences of being thrown into the deep end of brainstorming ideas during pitch meetings with big name corporations, iterating ideas while staying true to the core concept for a game, and fostering a collaborative approach within a collection of not-so-likeminded individuals. As he recounts these moments of abject horror and personal uncertainty, an attempt will be made to distill from these some useful nuggets that could potentially aid those with the ambition of starting something new in a world of unknowable unknowns. 

Speaker: Jeremy Wong

Importance of Player Empathy  | 3.30PM – 4PM 

As game developers, we are often game players ourselves. In this talk, we shall go through the importance of turning our gamerness into creative ideas for design your game features. 

Speaker: Keane Tan

Transferable Skills: Beyond Games | 4PM – 4.30PM 

Discover how to position yourself for success in the games industry and beyond in this presentation. Assess your skills and identify your passions to align with market needs. Explore various career paths and stay updated on industry trends. Develop the right skills through education, practical experience, and networking. Seize opportunities by building a strong portfolio and personal brand. Leverage transferable skills for broader career prospects. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to thrive in the dynamic games industry and adjacent fields. Get ready to level up and unlock your potential for success!

Speaker: Zhang Zitian

Day 2: Sun, 18 June 2023 | *SCAPE Gallery, Level 5

State Of Esports & The Career Opprtunities in Singapore | 10AM – 11AM 

Discover the diverse positions within the video game industry through the experiences of our speakers, who have spent over a decade working in roles such as Project Management, Events Management, Marketing, and Business Development. Gain insights into the challenges that come with working in the video game industry, learn about the things that inspire our speakers, and discover how you can join this fascinating and dynamic field.

Speaker: Felicia Lim

Discovering Careers in Esports for the Next Generation  | 11.30AM – 12PM 

Discover the diverse positions within the video game industry through the experiences of our speakers, who have spent over a decade working in roles such as Project Management, Events Management, Marketing, and Business Development. Gain insights into the challenges that come with working in the video game industry, learn about the things that inspire our speakers, and discover how you can join this fascinating and dynamic field. 

Speaker: Ban Chee

From Controllers to Careers: How Gaming and Esports Can Help Shape Your Child’s Future | 2PM – 3.30PM 

Join us as we delve into the world of esports and gaming education, addressing parents’ concerns and highlighting the benefits for student well-being. We will explore topics such as screen time, addiction, and online safety to provide valuable insights and strategies for parents. Additionally, our panel will shed light on how esports and gaming education can support the mental and physical health of students, fostering a holistic approach to their well-being. You will gain valuable tips on how to maintain a healthy balance between gaming and other activities, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle. 

Speakers: Shem Yao, Gerald Solomon, Raymond Cheong & Jared Cheah

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Day 1: Speakers

Photo Frederick April Frederick April, Quality Control Manager, Ubisoft Singapore 

Frédérick moved to Ubisoft Singapore 7 years ago, and started as a Devtest Manager and is now a Quality Control Manager. During his stint in Ubisoft Singapore, Frédérick has worked on the Assassins Creed series, namely Origin, Odyssey and Valhalla and also a few other projects. Frédérick started his path as Functionality Tester at Eidos Montreal, and following the acquisition by Square Enix, he rose through the ranks, to become the Functionality Supervisor for Square Enix Europe Publishing. In his gaming career, Frédérick has worked closely with all job functions in the industry, from compliance and localization, to automation, tools and of course, production and developer. A gamer and problem solver at heart, Frédérick is enjoying the fact that he gets to do what he likes and gets paid for it. 

Photo Teo Kah Hui Teo Kah Hui, Global Localization Manager, Keywords Studios & Exco-Member, SGGA 

Kah Hui Teo is the Global Localization Manager at Keywords Studios, an international technical services provider to the global video games industry. She has more than 15 years of experience in the games industry working on games for various platforms. She currently serves as an ExCo Member in the Singapore Games Association and as the Co-Director of Women in Games Asia. She also serves as a Member of the National Translation Committee Chinese Resource Panel and the Mentorship and Education Manager of Women in Localization (Singapore Chapter). She is a guest lecturer at the Master in Translation and Interpretation programme at NTU. 

Photo Shawn Toh Shawn Toh, CEO, BattleBrew Productions 

Shawn is a game designer with 11 years’ commercial experience, having designed and published games ranging from strategy games, idle-clickers, town-Building simulations, to Hack and Slash RPGs and a Slots game, with strong social elements and in-game monetisation. Shawn believes design is about building full experiences and that the skills he brings to bear will help in the art of world-building and sculpting appropriate experiences for games. Shawn has a strong passion for gaming, and is a longtime gamer of different genres including fighting games, RPGs and shooters. Shawn has a fascination with multiplayer gaming in particular and gaming as a communication and social medium. 

Photo Brian Kwek Brian Kwek, Director, Ysbryd Games & Treasurer (Exco-Member), SGGA 

Brian is the founder and owner of Ysbryd Games, a indie-focused games publisher based in Singapore and the United Kingdom. Under Brian’s guidance and curation, Ysbryd Games has funded and produced best-selling titles such as WORLD OF HORROR and VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. Brian’s experience straddles both the development and publishing spheres of the industry, as he previously served as co-founder and executive producer at Witching Hour Studios. Over the past 12 years, Brian has built bridges with a network of global platform holders, fellow publishers and a diverse set of developers in the premium games space. 

Photo Matthew Quek (1) Matthew Quek, CEO, The Iterative Collective 

Matthew Quek is the CEO and co-founder of The Iterative Collective, an incubator and publisher for indie games in Southeast Asia. He has a background in game development and publishing, and his passion lies in helping build early stage game studios. At The Iterative Collective, Matthew provides crucial support to indie game studios in their early stages, helping them with everything from funding and mentorship to marketing and publishing. He is committed to helping these studios reach their full potential and make their mark in the gaming industry. 

Photo Jeremy Goh Jeremy Goh, Co-founder / Studio Director, Imba Interactive 

Jeremy has over a decade of industry experience as a musician, sound designer, composer, and educator. In 2013, he co-founded Imba Interactive, with a vision of making every gaming experience unique and memorable through audio of the highest quality. From services such as sound design, music composition, voice work, audio post-production to technical integration using industry-standard game engines and audio middleware, Imba Interactive has become the go-to provider of professional end-to-end game audio services in the region. Some of Imba’s notable projects to date include Cuisineer, Pronty, No Straight Roads, Devotion, and Masquerada: Songs and Shadows. 

Photo Jeremy Wong Jeremy Wong, Narrative Designer, LambdaMu Games 

Jeremy came upon this role as a game developer via a circuitous route that started in education. Earlier work centered around using board games, thought experiments, and experiential learning to teach logic, reasoning, and strategy. Somehow stumbling into the position of chief narrative designer at LambdaMu, he has made full use of this background to lead the company on an illogical, irrational, and strategically unsound gambit to create games that are unique and relevant to local culture. His passion is for art house movies that are slow, contemplative, and tedious, which furnish him with aspirations to write stuff that won’t bore people to death. 

Photo Keane Tan Keane Tan, Principal Game Designer, Riot Games 

Keane is a game designer with over 9 years of experience in the video games industry, specialising in new game ideas creation and prototyping. Currently, he is a Design Lead for the Legends of Runeterra team in the Riot Games Hong Kong & Singapore Studio. Prior to Riot Games, he was a founding member of Scavengers Studio Montreal as the Lead Designer for Darwin Project – an award winning Battle Royale game. He started his career in Ubisoft Singapore and worked on several key IPs such as Skull & Bones, Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon. During these years of globetrotting in the game industry, he looks forward most to returning home to Singapore and enjoy a wholesome meal of chicken rice, sambal stingray and teh bing with friends.

Photo Amery Loh Amery Loh, Assistant People & Culture Manager, Keywords Studios

Amery Loh (IHRP-CP) has been in the HR profession since 2011; eleven years of diversified HR experience in Professional HR services/Consultancy, Warehousing & Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Gaming. Amery has provided support and advice to executive staff and operational managers on recruitment, employment, training and development, labour relations, compensations and benefits, and organisational culture development. Having worked closely with different organisations, be it SMEs or MNCs, Amery understands the expectations of both the employer and employee and is able to provide strategic advice to the managers, develop the company culture and mediate disputes.

Photo Zhang Zitian Zhang Zitian, COO & Co-Founder, Lionfish Studios

Zitian is the co-founder of Lionfish Studios, a serious games and gamification company. In 2014, he established the company as a mobile games venture. Recognizing a market shift and demand, Zitian led the pivot into the serious games space in 2016. Over the past nine years, he has held various roles, including 2D artist, game designer, programmer, project manager, producer, and business developer. Zitian firmly believes in the transformative power of games as an art form that extends beyond entertainment. Lionfish Studios has since collaborated on numerous government and corporate projects, spanning education, training, and marketing. Zitian’s passion for pushing the boundaries of what games can achieve continues to drive the company forward. As the proud owner of Lionfish Studios, he envisions a future where games create meaningful experiences and positive impact.

Day 2: Speakers

Photo Felicia Lim (1) Felicia Lim, Head of Games BD, Twitch & Exco Member, SGGA 

Felicia is currently the Head of Games BD for APAC at Twitch where she is responsible for developing games strategy by working closely with games publishers and developers to identify strategic opportunities. Before joining Twitch, she had 17 years of regional gaming experience with companies that included Microsoft Xbox 360, Blizzard Entertainment and ONE Esports where she took on various roles in the gaming ecosystem which included product marketing, publishing, esports, business development and streaming. 

Photo Ban Chee Ban Chee, Product Strategist, LoL Esports APAC, Riot Games 

Ban Chee is an esports professional with a diverse background in the gaming industry. With over 5 years of experience, Ban has held key roles at Riot Games and FunPlus. Currently serving as a Product Strategist at Riot Games, he is shaping the future of the League of Legends Esports in APAC. Prior to this, he excelled as a League Operations Manager for Wild Rift Esports, where he played a crucial role in managing leagues in 8 markets across Southeast Asia. Prior to entering the esports industry, he honed his design expertise as a multimedia designer in the advertising industry.  

Photo Shem Yao Shem Yao, Head of TOUCH Parenting, TOUCH Community Services 

Shem Yao is the Head of TOUCH Parenting and works with his team to provide parenting support to families, especially parents. Since 2008, Shem has reached out to more than 400,000 participants through various programmes and platforms. He has also conducted more than 400 workshops / talks, reaching out to parents, educators, counsellors and youth / social workers in schools, corporations, and the community. He works with parents on matters pertaining to digital and media literacy education, parenting and helping them understand what their children and youths are engaging and doing in the digital arena. He has also been working with youths and parents in various organisations and churches for the past 20 years, impacting and working in the lives of the youths he meets.

Photo Gerald Solomon Gerald Solomon, Founder & Executive Director, Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations (NASEF) 

Gerald Solomon is the brainchild of NASEF, the Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations, known until recently as the North America Scholastic Esports Federation, the first ever Department of Education government approved academic approach to esports, whose mission is to provide opportunities for ALL students to use esports as a platform to acquire the STEAM skills needed for the workforce of tomorrow. Gerald also serves on the Board of Directors of IESF, as well as the Chair of the Esports Education Commission at IESF, the global leader in esports with 139+ member countries. Gerald is also the Chair Emeritus of the University of California, Irvine Esports Advisory Board, and on the board of California Department of Education Foundation. 

Photo Raymond Cheong Raymond Cheong, Work Learn Programme Chair, Republic Polytechnic School of Sports Health and Leisure 

Raymond is currently the Programme Chair (Work Learn Programme) at Republic Polytechnic (RP). He oversees all Continuing Education Training and Work Study Programme(s) for School of Sports Health and Leisure and was instrumental in the 1st ever Specialist Diploma in Esports Business and Production. Prior to RP, he was the General Manager for Motor Sport Singapore and was part of the team who started the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.  Raymond was an avid gamer from University days with PC games like Doom, Half-life etc and hopes that the Esports industry will continue to grow to become a viable career path for Singaporeans. 

Photo Jared Cheah Jared Cheah, Senior Game Designer, gumi Asia 

An animation graduate from Malaysia, Jared has accumulated experiences as a writer, an events organizer, and a games designer; the one shared thing amongst all his experiences though is a desire to provide meaningful, growing experiences for his audience, and the exploration of their contributing components, philosophies, and all.

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