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Rookie Game Jam
Online & *SCAPE

Rookie Game Jam

Get ready to flex your creativity and game development skills at our upcoming Rookie Game Jam! This exciting event is the first stepping stone for youth looking to enter the gaming industry, offering a unique opportunity to design, create and get a chance to present your very own game prototype at the Final Showcase.

It is open to all youths (15 – 35 years old) who are passionate about gaming and eager to explore their career options in the industry. So, if you’re down to take on the challenge of creating a wicked innovative game prototype, join us for the Rookie Game Jam and get ready to showcase your talents to the world! 

Theme: SYNTHESIS – Make games that 

  • Promotes positive social interactions and strengthening of community bonds. 
  • Encourages players to work together to solve a common problem or achieve a common goal. 

Submit your GAME

Game submission deadline: 7 June 2023
Shortlist announcement: 12 June 2023
Final showcase & judging: 23 – 25 June 2023


Rookie Game Jam Rules: 


Rookie Game Jam is open to any Singaporean or PR ages 15-35 years old (before 31st December 2023) residing in Singapore during the time of submission. 

*SCAPE reserves the right to verify and confirm each Applicant’s compliance with eligibility requirements. The Applicant may be required to submit further information to assist in the verification of eligibility.


Forming Teams

  • Work alone or in a team (up to 5 persons). 
  • Build your team with different expertise & varying skill sets i.e. art, design, coding!  
  • For participants who have no starting teams but wish to join one, feel free to holler in *SCAPE Discord server.
  • All registrants (including team members) are required to join *SCAPE Discord server.
  • Participants who registered successfully will have access to private channels that will have mentors available to answer any questions they may have during the game jam. 

Start Jamming

  • The Rookie Game Jam will run from 8 May to 7 June 2023 online.
  • You may submit a digital game, OR a tabletop / card / board game! 
  • You may use any tools or libraries to create your game  
  • You’re free to use any assets you’ve created and/or 3rd party assets  
  • If you’re using 3rd party assets, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are legal to use. *SCAPE will NOT be responsible if any team breaches copyright terms of asset usage.  
  • You’re free to use any assets you’ve created and/or 3rd party assets  
  • You’re also welcome to use tools such as Tabletop Simulator or should you wish to design the board game digitally. 



Games submitted must clearly demonstrate the game mechanic / core gameplay. 


Digital Game

  • Submissions MUST be playable in the browser and/or an .exe.  
  • Game must be in a playable state with no major game-crashing bug. 
  • Game Engines for consideration: 
  • No limitation to Game Engine used 

 Tabletop/Board/Card Game

  • You do not have to submit the physical game. 
  • You will need to submit the following in a neatly organised Google Drive folder: 
  • A video submission of 3 – 5 minutes showcasing its core gameplay (Good video-editing won’t hurt, though clarity is of priority!) 
  • Digital print-friendly version of all your game components (e.g. playing pieces, tokens, cards, game board etc) 
  • Remember to set the Google Drive link sharing settings to “Anyone can view” 


Submissions must comply with the requirements set out in the Terms and Conditions. Any and all costs incurred for the game jam to be borne by the participants. 

*SCAPE reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, which entries have satisfied the entry requirements and to disqualify any Submission it believes is not consistent with the spirit and theme of the competition. 


There will be two (2) rounds of judging, preliminary and final; 

During the preliminary round, all submissions that meet the requirements set out in the Rules and Terms and Conditions will be assessed by the Rookie Game Jam organising committee. 

Up to 10 groups of finalists will be shortlisted based on the following in weighted scores. 

  • Design and user experience (UX) 
  • Art and aesthetic 
  • Completeness and/or coding 
  • Relevancy to the theme 
  • Originality of the idea 

The shortlisted teams will be exhibiting at the Final Showcase for public voting and final judging. The showcase will commence on 23 – 25 June 2023 at Suntec Level 3 Concourse. At least one (1) representative must be presented during the showcase, you may take shifts within your team. 




  1. Please bring your own devices, ie. laptop, charger and/or speaker to demonstrate the game via .exe or browser. 
  1. If your game has bugs that prevents you from showcasing it confidently, feel free to create a gameplay video in advance for screening. 



  1. Please prepare your physical playable prototype for live demonstration and explanation, and/or a pre-recorded gameplay video. 
  1. All costs incurred to be borne by participants. 


Final Judging 

The panel of judges will be assessing all shortlisted games by 23 June 2023. Two (2) award winners will be selected: 

  • Judges’ Choice 
  • Most Popular

We are thrilled to reveal the exciting prizes that await the winners of this epic game jam.

Each of the award winners will stand a chance to receive cash prizes and their games to be featured on *SCAPE and/or *SCAPE’s partner platforms.

Judges’ Choice: The Judges’ Choice Award recognizes the game prototype that demonstrates exceptional creativity, innovation, and technical prowess. The winning team will receive the following amazing prizes:

  • S$800 cash
  • Rainbow Six Siege Chibi Figurines by Ubisoft for each member of the winning team
  • Mercury 34 Ultrawide Gaming Monitor from ElementOne by Dreamcore worth S$649


Most Popular: The Most Popular Award is determined by the community and reflects the game prototype that captures the hearts and minds of players. The winning team will be rewarded with:

  • S$500 cash
  • Rainbow Six Siege Chibi Figurines by Ubisoft for each member of the winning team

Code of Conduct:

To ensure a safe space for ALL participants, particularly those who are typically marginalized or excluded, please adhere to the following Code of Conduct while participating in the Rookie Game Jam.

Differing opinions and perspectives are crucial to effective discussion, but all participants should take responsibility for their own speech and behaviour – both in person and online.

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Ask respectful questions and avoid dominating a teammate’s question time to further any particular agenda.
  • Not presume people’s pronouns. Participants may put their pronouns in their Discord username. We encourage all attendees, even those who do not worry about being misgendered – to add their pronouns to their name-badge.
  • Be mindful of and understand that intersectionality shapes our lived experiences.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour in person and online includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal communication (public/private) that demeans, devalues or is derogatory towards one’s gender, sexuality, physical appearance, body size, class, appearance, race, religion, language, age, ability, and/or socio-economic status.
  • Not using content warnings when discussing content that may be harmful or offensive, such as graphic discussions or depictions of hate speech or sexual violence.
  • Bullying, stalking, following and other such intimidating behaviour.
  • Photography or recording without consent.
  • Disrupting or hijacking conversations (during talks, in question times or in general discussion).
  • Inappropriate non-consensual physical contact, or unwelcome attention of any kind.
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behaviours.

We recognise that the above list is not all-encompassing, and it is thus crucial that all participants be considerate, mindful, and respectful of other attendees’ safety.

If any participant is guilty of the above examples, the participant will be disqualified and banned from the Discord Server.

Please immediately report to the organizing committee if your safety is threatened, or if you witnessed any such situations as listed above.

  Submit your GAME

 For any inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us at